Is anyone else frustrated, confused or just tired with all the changes on our social medial platforms.   Social Media Examiner is a great resource for learning what’s new.   Friday mornings they have a weekly show to discuss all the latest.   Check it out.  I highly recommend it!   But today… I just became frustrated:   another live streaming tool is coming and Facebook is adding yet another layer to how to stay engaged.  Why so many rules?   I fear we are loosing site to  what it means to be social.  That is why I like the live streaming platforms, especially Blab.   It gives you an opportunity to be face to face, to ask questions and to engage.  You can’t automate, have someone else do it for you or fake your way through. It is live and it is you.     I have been dipping my toe into the live video streaming area. This week I was interviewed on my friend Chris’ Blab.  It was exciting and people liked what I was saying.    On Thursday, March 3rd I’m taking a deep dive and starting a weekly Blab show to talk about the many tools that make our lives easier as entrepreneurs, various approaches to connecting with others.  Come and join in the discussion and let’s all learn from each other.

Tools, Connections & Other Rudiments for Our Entrepreneur Brilliance

Webinars vs. Telesummits- Which should I be using-Chris McComb Laible interviews Kay Custis from Passion Roads Marketing (3)