January had some epic videos:   Casey Neistat did a vlog snowboarding through NYC after their blizzard on YouTube and Anthony Conklin did his “Go For It” video on Blab with his Tony Robbins interview.   Both were amazing in different ways.

GO FOR IT!Casey captured NYC after a blizzard that dumped two feet of snow on the city. Mr Casey had a great backdrop to his snowboarding through NYC streets. He showed a great combination of fun and pride for the city.

Anthony has said he has seen or read all Tony Robbins puts out.   He is a die-hard follower.   It was a thrill for him to g o after and get that interview.

They both went for it and got it!! It’s not an easy or short road to go for it and get it.   It takes time, great planning , patience and flexibility to roll with the changes.

I was thinking about what these two had done and what was my “GO FOR IT”? Most importantly, how was I going to go about getting my “Go For It”?

My Go For It is supporting women in shining out their brilliance.   Everyone has their own brilliance and that brilliance should be shared with the world.


What is your brilliance?   What do you want to share with the world?   What knowledge do you have that is unique to you?   Please share below